Ecology in Action

This award was established to recognise individuals who are achieving excellence and best practice in the promotion of ecology, including communication, education and transfer of ecological science at the grass roots.

The Society would like to recognise work of individuals achieved in promoting ecology and education at a local government level, with landowners, community groups, politicians and councils. This award is for individuals, whose role is primarily the transfer of ecology and research, but who are not necessarily involved in pure ecological research. This award reflects one of the primary aims of the society that includes promotion of the study of ecology and the application of ecological knowledge in all its aspects. The society also recognises that the transfer of ecological knowledge at a community and local government level is important in changing behaviours and achieving practical protection and restoration of biodiversity, particularly of our threatened lowland ecosystems.

The Society offers recipients with:

  1. $500 contribution towards attending the next NZ Ecological Society Conference;
  2. $500 prize to the recipient

Recipients of the award are invited to present a paper at the next annual NZ Ecological Society Conference. The work can also be given profile via a media item, or highlighted in the NZ Ecological Society newsletter.

Nominations for 2012 should be emailed directly to [email protected] by June 30th 2012.


Past Recipients:

2005: Karen Denyer (Auckland City Council)

2006: Colin Meurk (Landcare Research)

2007: Frances Schmecel (Environment Canterbury)

2008: Henrik Moller (University of Otago)

2009: Mike Joy (University of Canterbury)

2010: Marieke Lettink (Fauna Finders, Christchurch)

2011: John Sawyer (Auckland Council)