Honorary Life Membership

Honorary life memberships are conferred from time to time to recognise excellence and longstanding service in the study or application of ecological science in New Zealand.

Nominations should be seconded and must include statements of support.

The selection committee will consider candidates' eminence in their scientific field, their contribution to original research or the application of such research in New Zealand, and the extent of their association with the Society.

Please email any 2012 nominations for this award to: george.[email protected] by June 30th 2012.

Nominations should also include a statement of support.

NZES Honorary Life Members

K.R. Allen (elected 1964)
K.E. Lee (1965)
N.L. Elder (1971)
R. Mason (1974)
G.R. Williams (1978)
J.A. Gibbs (1978)
K.A. Wodzicki (1984)
J. Nicholls (1985)
M. Rudge (1988)
J. Parkes (1997)
P. Wardle (1999)
I. Atkinson (2001)
M. Williams (2001)
J. Ogden (2002)
A. Mark (2004)
L. Batcheler (2004)
P. Williams (2005)
D. Kelly (2006)
J. Craig (2008)
M. Greenwood (2009)
M. McGlone (2010)
E. Spurr (2011)