Our new look

The main aims of the New Zealand Ecological Society's Communication Strategy (2008-2018) are to: make ecology approachable and interesting to the public, inform public opinion, incorporate credible science into ecological debate, influence decision-makers and guide policy, and guide resource management and restoration activities. A key element underpinning these aims was the rebranding of the Society's logo and website to provide the Society with a strong identity. An upgrade of the website also makes us more visible and relevant on the internet - a critical communication space.

The Logo

In 2009, the NZES council commissioned Origin Design, a Wellington-based specialist design company, to rebrand the Society. Origin were given the brief to design a logo representing an organisation that can provide information and advice based on objective and rigorous scientific investigation and analysis to help achieve sensible decision-making and sustainable outcomes. Origin considered building credibility to be an important consideration for our new brand, therefore it steered clear of 'home-made' and overtly 'green' images and created a logo which attempts to invoke professionalism and scientific balance, while still drawing on a 'nature inspired' colour palate. The final logo design represents connections, relationships, balance, and the natural environment.

Given the prevalence of the 'NZES' acronym across all sectors - energy, environmental, economic and political, Origin recommended we use the full 'New Zealand Ecological Society' in association with the logo. The use of the logo and the text together clearly state what the society is about. Our new logo lends itself to a number of applications (e.g. electronic, letterhead, banners and pamphlets) while staying crisp and meaningful. The logo can be further enhanced by the placement of an image behind the logo allowing the image to show through the negative spaces of the logo. These images combined with the symbolism of the logo capture the essence of the New Zealand landscape and its ecology. Using the logo this way is visually effective at any scale, from large banners down to pamphlets or promotional postcards.

The Website

Modica has given our website a fresh new look, incorporating the key principles of clear ommunication and credibility. The new website is easy to navigate around and has all your favourite pages, including a ten year archive of the newsletter and a comprehensive list of relevant links. The Council will be working to continue to improve the website (including updating the journal page) and adding additional features into the future, so if you have any suggestions please get in touch with Laura, the new webmaster: [email protected]